Sticky Tape - How to pick the best tape for you

Sticky Tape - How to pick the best tape for you

With so many sticky tapes and Sellotape on the market these days, who really knows the difference and which is the best pick for your project!
We are proud to stock Scotch, Sellotape, Q Connect tapes to name a few, this allows us to offer a never ending choice of tapes - what can we say, we are fans of the sticky stuff!!

A quick guide on the most popular sticky tapes we sell and we hope this helps you shop with ease when picking your tape...

Original - Plain and simple this is clear tape, sticky perfect for wrapping and sticking all sorts!!
Packaging - Strong sticking tape for shipping and postal needs; plus storage and moving house! Anything 'hard core' really.
Double Sided - Great for a professional finish, stick one side to the surface then peel away the paper layer to allow you to stick with more accuracy.
Removable - Does what it says on the tin... (or packet)
Invisible - Great for the office! virtually invisible when applied, great to hide a multitude of sins... (we are thinking bad Christmas wrapping!!)
Transparent - Everyday use, strong sticky tape for sealing and repairing.

Plus we LOVE these Dispensers! It is just fun for the office, brighten up your desktop! If we ruled the world, every desk would have one of these......