Which Marker Pen do you need?

Which Marker Pen do you need?

The world of marker pens is exciting, colourful and lots of choice.......
So we though why not break it down into easy bite size mouthfuls of info to allow you to pick your marker pen to ensure it is perfect for you, and your marker pen needs.

What for? Think about the use? We have everyday marker pens for writing and marking at either the home or office? Heavy duty, designed for bnig jobs and tough surfaces. specialist pens perfect for CD's, fabric and crafts. Chalk Markers, allow erasable marking on glossy surfaces. Paint markers, great for permanent opaque marking.

What Tip? Ultra fine; great for extreme control. Fine/Bullet Tip; everyday choice. Twin Tip; a bit fancy this one! allows for dual tips in one marker pen. Large/Chisel Tip; bold and clear expression and markings. Extra Large - It doesn't get any bigger than this....

Did you want any special features? Now you have picked your marker pen use, tip size, colour and now have a think if there are key points you need to be aware of?

We think the following are key for many marker pens;
Quick Drying Ink - why not.. save the smudges
Water Resistant - Weather proof and fights the rain
Durable Tip; for heavy use the tip has to be strong fibres and durable
Oily Surface - Specific projects may require this? These pens mark on oily surfaces...

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